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  • Saving plans – guaranteed returns with protection of capital
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  • Mutual funds / SIP’s – unbiased advice and seamless experience
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The outbreak of COVID-19 has once again highlighted the critical significance of insurance and savings. At Rare Holdings Ltd., we are proud to offer hassle-free insurance and investment plans, backed by seamless claim support.

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Maximum Discount

Whatever your plan is we try to offer you maximum discounts

Unbiased Service

Promise made once is served for the rest. We take care of everything when you need us.

Reliable & Regulated

100% Reliable and Trusted. Regulated by IRDAI service providers.

Stressfree Claims Support

We are always available in terms of claim support from initialisation till the approval.

Happy to Help 24/7

Always ready to fulfil your needs round the clock 24/7.

Advantages of Investing In
Mutual Funds

Wealth Accumulation with Flexible Investments

Professional Management & Oversight


High Liquidity

Tax Benefits

Low Transaction Costs

Safety & Systematic Investments

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